What is a Digital Workplace?

An exceptional digital workplace is an environment designed to blend people and IT. A well thought-out, standardised digital workplace needs strategic leadership and buy-in, commitment from the board, through to team leaders and our people.  When you have a framework through which to deliver automation (RPA COE), it’s possible to ensure excellence. Standardisation, correct team structures, roles and responsibility, governance, strategic leadership, training, continuous improvement criteria are clear and understood by all. 

Digital Workplace with two screensFinance, sales, contact centre, legal, HR, sales, R&D, procurement, and logistics all have their ways of working and things to do. You must know every role and responsibility and workflow and be clear on the best way to deliver, including how this impacts other business parts.

Think about it, if you use automation in accounts and something goes wrong, who owns that? Was it an error in the finance process or IT? How did you spot the mistake? Why did it happen, what are the repercussions, and how will it be rectified?  Now multiply that fifty-fold.

Every part of our business/organisation will have both people, AI, AI/RPA touching points. We know that automation will add value in a properly formed digital workplace; but if it’s implemented in an immature workplace, it can be costly. You could run into numerous problems, from payments not being made; SLAs being missed, and business problems not addressed.

Lower operating cost, standardisation, improved velocity, lower cost to deliver processes, 24/7-365 capability and increased resilience are all achievable. Blend people and IT properly and take advantage of this new way of working.

Building an RPA COE (centre of excellence) will ensure everything is taken into consideration. It does not need to be big, but it must be there. An RPA COE will provide the framework for building, delivering, and supporting your digital workforce made from people, automation (RPA), AI & analytics.

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