MyBotGP: Healthcare Automation for Normal Pathology Filing

Our mission is to build NHS Automation products to help you save time, lower costs, increase accuracy, and, if required, enforce standardisation without changing how you work. Recognised for our dedication to innovation and as a trusted partner in Primary Care, the MyBotGP range of products allows for this. MyBotGP puts control in the hands of each user, offering a seamless, user-driven experience.

Installed and set up in a matter of hours, MyBotGP Normal Pathology Filing lets you tailor your tolerances and additional checks on history and differing keywords through a user-friendly interface for any and all blood test categories.

It accounts for differences in clinical approaches,  differing pathology reports and laboratories, and then applies the rules you define with full audit trails. You decide what additional checks in the patient record are required and when. MyBotGP will also send an SMS to the patient if desired.

Our clinically designed MyBotGP Normal Pathology Filing product integrates with SystmOne TPP or EMIS (WEB). Robust, audited, and scalable. A product that can be used at a Practice, PCN or Federation whilst allowing for differences in approach at the Practice level if desired.

MyBotGP: Normal Pathology Filing adheres to the highest standards and has DCB 0129, DTAC and DPIA.

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    Key Features:

    Customisable Filing Rules

    Filing Rules

    Configure filing rules based on min-max ranges, keywords, patient history, gender, previous test results, age, and more.

    Patient Communication


    Automatically send SMS or messages to patients with normal results.

    Dashboard Analytics


    Gain insights into total blood tests filed by category with our comprehensive reporting dashboard.

    Audit Trails


    Downloadable reports provide full audit trails of all filed blood tests, ensuring transparency and accountability.

    The Costs

    30 pence per patient, tailored to the total number of patients per practice, PCN, or Federation.

    MyBotGP Normal Pathology Filing Features

    Configure your own blood filing rules

    • File based on min-max ranges updated within MyBotGP
    • File based on keyword checks or in the absence of keywords
    • File based on checking patient history
    • File based on gender – separate male and female ranges
    • File based on checking previous test results, either number of test results or number of days
    • File based on age checks i.e. over 18

    Reporting dashboard analytics showing total number of blood tests filed by category

    Full audit trails of all Blood Tests filed with downloadable reports

    Schedule MyBotGP to run anytime

    Send tailored message to patients

    MyBotGP “Learning” capability to deal with all pop-ups

    1. Blood test category

    2. Specify to check and file

    3. Specify to send text message

    4. Specify if there are any keyword requirements to file as normal

    5. Insert blood sub test category and if applicable min-max age and gender requirement

    6. For each blood test, insert min-max filing ranges and whether to check previous test results

    7. Specify the file with & without comment selections

    Full audit trail with the activity section split into three categories:

    Blood filings by date:

    • Date of filing
    • Number of filled test results

    Blood filings by category:

    • Total number of blood tests filed by category

    Detail data view of filing

    • Granular breakdown by EMIS ID, Blood Category, status and additional notes (Lab Report ID/Issued Date) are displayed

    Revolutionise your healthcare practice with the MyBotGP Range.

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