Finance & Accounting

Deploy a software-based workforce to revolutionise your financial team

Digitise your Finance and Accounting processes, adding operational efficiency and resilience, eliminating errors or blind spots, and significantly increasing visibility, control and compliance.

Supply Chain

Simplify your route through any logistics process with advanced automation

A robust strategy for RPA will support scalability and growth in your supply chain operations, improving your processing accuracy and speeding up workflows to run seamlessly behind the scenes.

Human Resources and Recruitment

Take talent management to the next level with back-end RPA

Your recruitment and retention could be a whole lot more robust. Invest in the future of your human resources by deploying a team of software robots that create seamless operational efficiency.

Intelligent Automated Data Migration

Gain control over the Big Data explosion with intelligent RPA

Both rule-based and highly systematic, RPA is the perfect partner for error free, high-precision,  consistent data extraction, migration and cleansing.

JifJaff are RPA COE implementation specialists

We can set up your RPA Centre of Excellence
to make the most of your RPA investment

JifJaff specialise in Operational Automation Excellence (RPA), delivering dramatic improvements to operations and providing truly sustainable growth via Robotic Process Automation.

We have a deep understanding of your specific business goals and constraints, such as reducing overheads, standardising operational processes or effortlessly increasing capacity to meet spikes in customer demand. These challenges can all be met using RPA, as long as you have a knowledgeable partner that understands automation technology, and has a track record of success with implementing processes and deliverable strategy. Get this done correctly, and you’ll see tremendous ROI – guaranteed.

So, what can we do for you?



How much time do your employees spend on mundane repetitive tasks?  If you could implement changes that would free up your workforce whilst reducing the margin for error, why would you think twice?  Not only does RPA improve accuracy, it improves your overall service.  More accuracy, less costs, less delays, increased compliance and better quality output.

As an independent consultancy, JifJaff will recommend the best RPA solution for your requirements.  We have no vested interested in a particular vendor.  Our advice is expert led and impartial.  We asses your requirements, advise on the best RPA system for your needs and give you all the information you need to make an informed and beneficial decision.

Which front/back office processes can we help improve? We find the best fit RPA for your needs and budget.
We plan how RPA can operate effectively within the framework of your existing tech and systems
We advise which RPA system is best for you from the many and varied options on the market
We build and test your individual RPA system, overseeing with user and IT support training.




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