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MyBotGP Docman Filing

MyBotGP uses Docman and takes control of the entire administration process for you no data leaves your practice. MyBotGP operates securely, with a multi-factor authentication (MFA) log-in, meeting NHS prerequisites. It's available 24/7-365 or as per your schedule, ensuring everything is processed straight away. No more mistakes, delays, maxed-out administration teams, or queues of unfilled letters. MyBotGP Works with or without Intellisense. Unlimited pages and letter types are included- no hidden costs.

Practice Receives incoming Hospital letters

  • MyBotGP connects to Docman and can manage all incoming letters from Docman
  • Reads PDF /Scan Copies/ Emails

MyBotGP will review and validate the letters

  • Validate Patient with NHS number by reading the letter and validating in Docman
  • Validate Document type, i.e. (ex. Diabetes, Cardiology, etc.)
  • Categorise the letter by applying all Docman relevant information for each Document, i.e. Event Date, Department, Organization (i.e. Hospital), clinical code to categorise letter (not clinical diagnosis), create review, etc. (total of 12 fields)
  • Add the letter to the patient record
  • Assignment can be to the coding/administration team, pharmacy, or clinician to code

MyBotGP Audit Controls and Reporting

  • Full audit log
  • All filed documents, including discovering trends and volumetric breakdown


    Business Case

    • Average GP practice, 7,500 patients:
    • Receives 50 letters a day, that’s 18,250 a year
    • Time spend filing: People are not machines, so will not file 50 letters back-to-back, and the average time is 5 minutes a letter so 250 minutes each day!
    • Per day: 50 * 5 minutes per day is 250 minutes, Per week: 1,750 minutes or 29.17 hours, Per year: 91,000 minutes or 1,516.67 hours
    • MyBotGP Automation Savings: Based on an average salary, a saving of at least £30,000 a year, every year, reduced errors and attached the same day.

    Example of letter types and pages, more can be added to MyBotGP.


    MyBotGP is downloaded in five minutes and customised for your practice. If acquired by a PCN, each practice will have its copy, which can also be customised.

    MyBotGP Docman can -
    • Handle Unlimited letter types and volumes
    • Validate document: Type/Title and Keyword/ NHS number & patient.
    • Prepopulate the template (event date/description/organisation, department, folder, notes, review option, populate code) & file.
    • New letter types can be added at any time.

    Yes, it provides full reporting dashboard analytics offering valuable insights


    What our clients said about us:

    MyBotGP has seamlessly integrated into our practice workflow with excellent results. The consistent and accurate filing of normal blood results not only saves clinicians time, but also eliminates human error and variability, thereby improving patient safety overall. The setup was straightforward and the support provided by the JiffJaff team has been excellent when needed. They are quick to respond and committed to continuous improvement which is exciting for the future potential of this product. I wholeheartedly recommend this automation solution to fellow healthcare providers seeking a reliable and effective means of managing normal pathology filing.

    We have been using MyBotGP for last 6 months. Started with pathology blood test filing and in the process of integrating patient registration and electronic prescribing module. It is early days as we are cautiously adding more and more test results to be processed by the bot as well while system is evolving further.
    We have already noted significant time saving from clinical admin point of view. Though clinicians were initially sceptical about automation now everyone felt this is safe and reliable process. We are very thankful to support team who are readily available. Product also allow us to make changes quickly that makes this product more efficient

    MyBotGP has been implemented since early June at xxxx Surgery, the user dashboard allows practices to configure which pathology tests they want the bot to file and set their own tolerances/reference values. This allows practices time to build the system into everyday practice, add further tests to the bots scope, and implement this in a phased fashion. It’s early days but already we are seeing a time saving with the bot completing the mundane and simple filing for us. We hope to continue to be part of the jiffjaffs journey as they develop this further to help save time and increase quality in general practice.