About Us

Transforming NHS Primary Care & Healthcare though Automation (RPA) products

We at JifJaff have developed MyBotGP range of Primary Care Automation products designed to be used at Practice, PCN or Federation. We are recognised for our dedication to innovation, having recently won a place on a HIN launchpad programme- an NHS & UK Government funded program. Our primary goal is to help General Practitioners save time, lower costs, increase accuracy, and, if required, enforce standardisation without changing how they work. We are an impact driven organisation with the purpose of supporting General Practitioners by automating processes and improving patient care.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission – Advancing NHS primary care by providing innovative Automation (RPA) products through our MyBotGP range. We strive to automate workflows, save time, lower costs, and enhance accuracy while preserving the essence of personalised patient care.

Vision – Our vision is to lead the way in fully automating Primary Care. We aspire to develop highly scalable, easily customisable products that can be seamlessly integrated into existing Primary Care systems.


We Empower Primary Care, Healthcare & NHS

Free Up Time

Save Money and Resources

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

Maintain Exceptional Patient Care


Meet our leaders who work continuously towards transforming our vision into action, empowering our team to lead with a growth mindset and serve our customers with dedication and excellence.

James Aitmen

James Aitman

Co-founder of JifJaff, Former CEO of GlobalMediRec

An expert in NHS primary care and healthcare automation products.

Email- jamesa@jifjaff.co.uk


Sanjeev Talwar

Co-founder of JifJaff and former FTSE100 Transformation Consultant

Bringing extensive expertise in transformative NHS primary care and healthcare automation products.

Email- sanjeevt@jifjaff.co.uk