Why do you need a Robotic Process Automation Centre of Excellence (RPA COE)?

Robotic Process Automation has changed the way we work

What has become apparent in recent years is that while Robotic Process Automation (RPA)’s capability to add value is substantial, companies require an internal delivery capacity (such as a Centre of Excellence (RPA COE)) to get the most from software automation. An RPA COE does not need to be large, but it must be focused, include the right people, and take a structured approach. To employ an RPA developer and expect them to understand how the processes they automate fit into the business and why, will not be enough. Real automation is a blend of practical operational resource and IT-led from management/board level. Internal IT support is necessary when replacing people with software.  

The benefits of an RPA COE

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In the next few years, normal business processes will be a mix of automated and human capacity used to drive operational processes in all aspects of a business. Making sure the foundations are correct will enable you to maximise both. Through RPA, reduced operating cost, increased resilience, minimised errors, full reporting, and unlimited scalability are achievable. An RPA COE means that business strategy will be taken into consideration before RPA implementation, so you can plan how to deliver as well. The RPA COE makes sure that both people and automation work together.  The RPA COE will make sure the following is accounted for:

  • Process identification
  • Ranking
  • Validation
  • Implementation
  • Governance 

An RPA COE will reduce the cost of RPA

Using internal resources to build RPA will also drive down the cost to automate. Most RPA specialists charge from £750 – £2,500 + per day for either a blend of consultancy for process redesign, architecture, development, testing and project management; or different people allocated at different times. Build times can be anything from 15 – 50 days. With internal capacity starting with only one person, you can build multiple processes each year and support them too. Using an internal resource that can be allocated fully or partially to automation COE reduces the cost to build and support. It also enables you to consider automating smaller processes that add value in different ways.

Automating the right processes at a realistic cost is achievable when led internally.

Learn about our RPA COE Model