What is a Digital Workforce?

Bring your business into the 21st century through intelligent automation. By embracing the digital workforce, businesses are reducing running costs, delivering more, improving quality, and making the business more resilient to change. With the impact of Covid-19 on businesses – forcing companies to make hard decisions about how to navigate their changing workforce needs – business automation is being used to support employees so they can remain productive. A digital workforce blends automation and real people to create an agile, responsive workforce that can easily scale along with your business. 

Perhaps the best place to start is to say what a digital workforce is not – a workforce consisting of just intelligent automation, bots, AI and analytics tools. People form an integral part of the digital workforce. Just as we cannot do everything to perfection, neither can our digital counterparts.

When people and automation are blended correctly through a structured framework and a centralised RPA COE (robotic process automation centre of excellence), you can leverage the best of both and create something truly exceptional.

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Why do we need RPA in the digital workforce?

Robots (RPA / Intelligent automation) is fast, resilient, and cost-effective. It frees up people to solve “non-standard” problems that cannot be mapped and replicated by RPA. Employees become free to communicate with customers and spend the time necessary to nurture relationship, instead of doing repetitive, work that should be done with automation. 


How to create a Digital Workforce

Why should you implement a digital workforce through a Centre of Excellence?


By taking robotic process automation or AI/RPA seriously and delivering it through an RPA COE framework, you can automate multiple processes at a lower cost. Optimise your business (do things better than you are now) and increase operational efficiency. The tech works, and so do the people. You must focus on approach, and it’s more complicated than people think.

You must not just hire a developer and get stuck in. Implementing Intelligent Automation – RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and not thinking strategically, building governance, having support protocols and standardisation will leave you in a mess. Like anything in life, think, strategise, include the right people from C suite to make decisions and then move forward methodically.

Imagine allocating time and resource building something that won’t be relevant in 6 months or that goes wrong. An RPA Centre of Excellence allows you to say you’d planned for that eventuality, and gives you the tools you need to correct it.

Using a digital workforce across the front to back office in the right places to support your teams will add value if you give it the respect it requires.  Deliver it through a framework with proven outcomes by using an RPA centre of excellence.