Why you need to look at RPA / AI….


Robotic process automation (RPA) as a software can incorporate technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate routine, high-volume tasks that are sensitive to human error / time consuming and resource draining / need scalability at different times throughout the year.

RPA will boost business efficiencies and ROI without increasing costs. A misconception is that it must replace existing systems. RPA does not need this, it can be configured to communicate with all existing systems as a human would. It’s quicker, more efficient and can work seamlessly in the background 24 hours a day / 365 day a year.

“Across all industries, RPA acts as hidden glue that ties together many business processes, with RPA workforces improving organisational efficiency by offloading live resources, improving accuracy, maintaining compliance, and reducing costs.”

“RPA is being deployed across many areas within businesses with varying levels of complexity. For instance, manually, heavy simple tasks like data entry/cleansing/movement and searching or more complex processes. Perhaps searching / checking purchasing / reconciling with decision making based on the set parameters. Every vertical market can and will use this technology, insurance, retail, finance, manufacturing, recruitment, logistics, telecommunications and so on. It’s independent and adaptable, just like employing new people.

The big question is how does it fit and where will it add value to your business. What processes are done in the background to keep you ahead of the game. What resource / cost is this for you? More importantly, how do you streamline this, remove errors and free our people up to be more innovative. Enable them to help develop your business so that you can push to be leaders in your chosen market and not be left behind?