[Webinar] Automation Gone Wrong

[Webinar] Automation gone wrong:

5 unexpected challenges of RPA you can avoid.

Learn how to create an RPA Centre of Excellence to get RPA right.

We all know that automation can achieve tremendous cost-savings when done right.

Discover why RPA can fail, and how to overcome these challenges.

This webinar will take you through the common reasons some Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects fail, and how you can overcome these challenges to start getting real ROI, by using automation to support your teams in both front/back office.

Learn more about the common reasons some RPA implementation projects fail.

RPA projects are rarely (if ever) the plug-and-play set up you may have been lead to believe they were. RPA implementation projects can be plagued by:

  • Automating the wrong process
  • No internal capacity
  • IT and Operations not working together
  • Poor solution design
  • No metrics

This webinar aims to give you an understanding of why your RPA project may have gone wrong, and the steps you need to take to make RPA work for you.

You’ll also learn more about the RPA Centre of Excellence model, and why it is a crucial tool to avoiding unexpected RPA costs and challenges.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’ve implemented RPA only to find it isn’t working as expected
  • You want to use RPA but you’re not sure it’s going to work
  • You’ve heard horror-stories of RPA gone wrong and want to avoid it
  • You’re thinking of using RPA and need clarity about TCO (total cost of ownership) and the capability required for internal cost reduction/process improvement

    The Speakers

    James Aitman

    JifJaff COO

    In his role as COO for JifJaff, James works on strategic processes and how people and RPA can work together. His role includes RPA strategy, RPA implementation rollout, and advises companies on the best way to build their business using RPA technology.

    Sanjeev Talwar

    JifJaff CTO

    Sanjeev has 15 years of experience as an Enterprise Solutions architect for companies around the globe. He brings his experience and passion for the 4th industrial revolution to his role as CTO, Head of RPA Product Design & Research and Automation Strategy & Delivery.

    About JifJaff

    JifJaff is a specialised independent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consultancy company.  We design, deliver and support RPA solutions. Being independent means that we can objectively help you identify the correct RPA software (there are multiple to choose from) for your business.

    By helping you select the right vendor and processes to automate,  we can reduce your operating costs and help you deliver more with less. We understand the methods that are required to manage a business across front and back office and can advise on and implement the best strategy to leverage RPA. RPA supports you while helping your business embrace the future.