Why do you want to use automation tooling (RPA) at your practice?

We are posing the question as to why you want to use automation tooling (RPA) at your practice? Is it to free time, lower cost, remove errors, increase standardisation, or go home on time?

With increased workloads and limited staff, it’s important to be supported to ensure that work is done on time and to the best of your ability. Using Automation products is no different to employing staff – clinical or administrative. Everyone has a job to do and follows a standardised, to a point, decision tree to do that work. You’ll teach staff to use internal systems by saying ‘click here’, ‘look at that’, ‘then click there’. You explain to them to respond in various ways i.e. If you see that, then click here and process, or if you see that, escalate to a more senior member of the team or a person with specialist training etcetera.

Automation is no different! Our Primary Care products use your systems like you would by clicking on drop-down menus, reading information, writing, and following a set path of decisions. Automation RPA can include full audit trails and meets SIA/DPIA criteria. It runs day and night, with no sick leave or holidays. Imagine having 65% of your admin (both clinical and non-clinical) supported by automation and allowing it to follow strict decision trees relating to clinical work where you are comfortable, and there is no room for error.

Automation (RPA) can’t think, so it won’t run off and do something it shouldn’t. You tell it what to do, and it’s happy to oblige, 24/7/356 days a year.