Which RPA software is best for me?

Smart city and telecommunication network concept. abstract mixed media.

Which RPA software is best for me? Training/Support/Licence/Reporting/High Volume large variation of docs/High Volume minimal variation/Mapped/AI/COE within Accounts/HR/Legal/Compliance/Service desk/Finance/Call center/R&D/Marketing. With so many prices and solutions on offer it’s important to know which RPA software is best fit. These are big decisions and your long term strategy must be taken into consideration. Software bots are an incredibly powerful tool that will work in any environment/vertical and add tremendous value. Whilst all are excellent it’s important to know who your starting this journey with, why and where the value will be added because of this choice. We will be running a further online discussion January 16th at 12.00pm – please mail me if you would like to join (enquiries@jifjaff.co.uk) hashtagrpa hashtagrobot hashtagautomation hashtagbot