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What is RPA?


What is RPA? It’s really versatile software. This software is often referred to as robotic because it works by mimicking the keystrokes of people on a computer. RPA (in simple terms) will use a keyboard and mouse to go about its business like its human counterpart will. As we would it can open outlook, read emails, take information from that email, log in using an id to a separate system to validate data and action according to the needs of the business. Capable of navigating between systems the bot can follow any set repetitive workflow our teams do. Uploading data into the correct fields, create an excel spreadsheet or go online and action there. It’s so versatile (as it navigates as we do through a PC) RPA can touch / action multiple systems quickly and easily. Once implemented it is said that a software robot can devour over three times the work a human does at a fraction of the cost, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. They are relentless. Almost any workflow (without creative thinking) can be automated in most departments and all industries. Quick to deploy and unlike fixed API’s easy to tweak. Let us help you identify and rank where it can be used to see what value RPA software can give you! hashtagai hashtagbusiness hashtagautomation hashtagsoftware hashtagrpa hashtagrobot hashtagbot