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The capability of RPA!


If you don’t know the capability of RPA – software automation robots you may be missing out. Did you know it’s helping business reduce overheads by freeing staff across most departments from their “previous ways of working”? Business not only see a reduction in cost they also benefit from the ability to scale, reduced error rates, quicker access to information and you can also use your human workforce again now its freed from moving data around… almost like employing more people at no cost. RPA software can do most of your administration / accounts, repetitive workflows, read emails, create spreadsheet, do calculations, go online take data, make payments, log in and out of any database, create reports, on-board staff, answer questions, all it needs is a user name and password. It’s not limited in accessibility to all applications as the software bot works like we do from a desktop machine and virtually using a mouse and keyboard. Finance IT Legal Insurance Recruitment Media Energy FMCG Retail Account pharmaceuticals Logistics Banking Automotive – it has no limits as all have admin / accounts / HR / compliance / reporting / sales & legal. If you’re interested please message me for more information and a free trial/demo. hashtagRPA hashtagrobot hashtagautomation