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Supply Chain

RPA could support you in executing core processes from supply chain and logistics 5-10 times faster, and with 32% less resources.

So, if your supply chain processes were running at maximum efficiency, what would you do next?

Supply chain management is being revolutionised by robotic process automation, allowing organisations to add intelligence and AI to their everyday back-office tasks. 

For logistics and supply chain teams, RPA is providing a huge leap in operational efficiency, unbeatable processing accuracy, and a significant reduction in overheads. Streamlining the supply chain is beneficial for all stakeholders, from your organisation itself all the way through to your suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and end-users. Here are some practical ways that we’ve seen customers benefit from RPA for supply chain and logistics. 


Inventory Management and Orders

Monitor and track inventory to ensure that new shipments are ordered at the right time, supporting just in time production. Track your shipments across the whole lifecycle, including freight costings and warehouse management, and monitor your historical data to enable smart supply and demand based on trends rather than guesswork. Automate workflows for purchase order management and order prioritisation, reducing the impact on internal resources while creating a culture of operational resilience


Scheduling and Reporting

Automatically extract the right data from multiple online and offline systems for scheduling shipments, orders or tasks ahead of time, reducing manual effort while eliminating human error or delay for ultimate accountability. With automated master data management, all critical documentation is easy to access, up to date and consistent at all times. Behind the scenes, your robots can create robust and intelligent reports on trends, insights, changes or predictions, gaining you an effortless competitive edge. 


Pricing and Billing

Think of a software robot as the newest, fastest addition to your financial team. Processing and verifying invoices, looking up the best prices and discounts, handling complex accounts including returns and refunds – it’s all part of a day’s work, and all completed 10 times faster than your most efficient employee, standardised with full audit trails. In times of high demand, RPA offers the best option for scalability, adding capacity when it’s needed, and then scaling down again, or shifting focus to a new task. 


Let’s take this further. We can meet any supply chain and logistics use case.
  • Want to automate responses for RFPs, quotes or queries? 
  • Thinking about ways to use AI and automation to reduce waste or improve processes?
  • Worried about your error rate, and want to add some consistency across your logistics tasks?


Think of this as your starting point. Now challenge us to see what other use cases we could meet. Get in touch to schedule a call with one of our back-office supply chain automation experts.