Softomotive and JifJaff Partner to Help European Organizations Implement Robotic Process Automation



Softomotive and JifJaff Partner to Help European Organizations Implement Robotic Process Automation

JifJaff is a professional services consultancy who are focused on the design, implementation and management of a clients end to end RPA & AI solution.  JifJaff partners with Softomotive, a proven RPA software company that has developed a solution to not only automate existing processes, but also to implement digital transformation by improving and enriching business processes.  The partnership extends Softomotive’s reach within the UK and offers JifJaff clients an extensive range of powerful and compliant automation solutions.

Softomotive is a Robotic Process Automation pioneer since 2005. Softomotive is a European leader in the design and integration of innovative software solutions based on the performance of real-time increased interactions, now called Robotic Process Automation.  The Softomotive philosophy is based on the unique and innovative concept of increased interactions. Its area of excellence is the production and promotion of Softomotive software, which implements automation applications achieving operational excellence.

The Softomotive partnership complements JifJaff’s approach to implementing scalable Automation solutions, whilst maximising ROI being at the forefront for every client implementation.  At Jifjaff we are dedicated in our approach for successful delivery of RPA & AI solutions.  Our project delivery model involves scoping the business to generate an Automated Design Document detailing the Business, Functional, Technical and IT Architectural requirements to ensure successful process automation deployment.  Softomotive brings the capacity to rapidly deploy either standalone robots called “Unattended RPA”, or “Attended RPA – Robotic Desktop Automation” running alongside a human agent on their workstation.  Such collaboration provides the blueprint for successful RPA & AI delivery.

At JifJaff we speak with organisations across all industry verticals who recognise the crucial function of Robotic Process Automation and a successful digital transformation strategy.  RPA as a software can incorporate technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate routine, high-volume tasks.  RPA will change the way a business handles repetitive and mundane processes.  Transactional processes and data input will become faster and accurate.

RPA is being deployed across multiple industry verticals with varying levels of complexity acting as the hidden glue that ties business processes, teams and entire organisations together.  The RPA workforce improves operational efficiency by eliminating manual tasks, improving accuracy, maintaining compliance, and reducing costs.  Every vertical market can and will use this technology i.e. Insurance, Retail, Finance, Manufacturing, Recruitment, Logistics, Telecommunications and so on. It’s independent and adaptable, just like employing new people.

At JifJaff we are very excited to form a partnership with Softomotive who over the years have continued to offer automated business processes solutions to multiple clients deploying approximately 100,000 software robots.  The partnership will bring inherent value to both organisations with the opportunity to access a broader range of resources and expertise and thereby offer clients distinctive skill sets and product lines to implement a seamless digital transformation.

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