Take the robot out of the person: what RPA technology is doing for other businesses like yours

The current state of working

The way we work has turned most employees into nothing more than robotic roundabouts. Everyone uses computers, databases, and applications to login and perform tasks, and it’s the process most businesses are following. Ordinarily, the applications we use everyday – such as Outlook to manage our emails and Salesforce/SAP/Oracle for database or AP processing – require a lot of manual input and management. As a result, people are spending their time doing monotonous, repetitive work. The constant need for a person to manage the systems and make manual updates is a dated business model. With the emergence of new RPA technology, this traditional way of working is proving to be an expensive out-dated business process which is ultimately holding us back from our potential.

As experts in RPA technology, automation and processes, we know that up to 70% of work in both front/back office follows this type of format: a set of business-specific rules to action are agreed to; people then log in and out of various systems, and upload and move information (data) between systems. It’s time-consuming, but needs to be done correctly and in good time if we want to keep our businesses running. 

What if we could free up our employees to do what only people can do: thinking up new, creative and strategic ways of getting work done? Imagine the potential.  

RPA technology is changing the way we work for the better

For the first time, it’s not only people who can do the work of logging into databases, sending emails,  compiling reports, and processing finance applications and contracts every day to work. With RPA technology, our businesses can be more efficient, with increased capacity at no additional cost. In fact, in many cases where RPA technology is introduced, operating costs are even reduced! RPA Software Bots takes on the work that takes up so much time, at a reduced operating cost, freeing up your employees to do more with their time.

For instance, RPA technology can:

  • Go online
  • Use passwords
  • Login and out of any database
  • Make calculations
  • Create /amend spreadsheets
  • Read emails & PDFs
  • Manipulate data
  • Trigger responses 
  • Communicate with other digital systems

And it’s all secure and reliable, with full audit trails. Compared to the old way of working, the returns from implementing RPA technology can be exponential.  

RPA technology and software robots can be used to automate these processes, and that offers massive potential for business growth. We can still use all these applications but don’t need people for this processing anymore. RPA technology means that this work can be automated 24/7 – 365 days a year, with a standardised approach and fewer errors. RPA technology can quickly and easily access your databases and emails the same way a person does, using a keyboard and mouse from your computer. You tell the bots what to do, and they action it.

Use RPA Technology to future-proof your company

Successful, forward-thinking companies are finding ways to integrate RPA and automation into their business processes in order to get the most out of existing resources at a lower cost. 

Imagine up to 70% of all your business processes were automated and didn’t require human intervention. Your contact centre, finance department, legal department and even HR prcocesses could all be automated. As a result, your team can get involved in strategic thinking and management. Let them solve problems, by freeing them up from doing the same, repetitive work everyday. Let RPA technology generate this work with improved quality. 

If you haven’t started exploring RPA, you will get left behind!

Implement and scale RPA in your Company