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RPA – Robotic Process Automation for Scaling Resource


RPA – Robotic Process Automation for Scaling Resource..

All too often people think that RPA’s only benefit is to reduce your teams time performing manually repetitive, possibly error prone tasks. Whilst this tends to be where interest begins, there is far more to be offered. Scaling teams without employing more people is a great example. Are there physical restrictions (space) preventing you from scaling or is it too expensive? Are projects not being started and what else can be done with your team’s time which add value to the business? What are your competitors doing that you aren’t? How are you making sure your using your people to stay ahead of the market?

Automating repetitive time consuming work frees people to do other things. We really don’t need people to add / remove data, screen scrape the same web sites, manually reconcile accounts, read every email & attachment that comes in to double check its correct anymore. Just as we used to stamp and file everything in cabinets five years ago, the way we can work now has changed.

Using RPA (robotic process automation) will enable you to have up to 80% of this done in the background, error free 24/7 – 365. Free your staff to start new projects, feel the benefit of having more people working for you without increasing headcount. Encourage your staff to stay with you longer by making work more interesting.

RPA works in the same way we do by accessing all infrastructure through the desktop. Its perfectly capable of reading emails / attachments, logging in to all other systems, going online and performing a great deal of accounts, supply chain, contracts (human and business), compliance, make calculations, change passwords etc for you. Quick to deploy, secure and reliable.

We, JifJaff, will map your process, program the bot software and implement. Year one there is an implementation cost but year two/three/four/five and onward just licence renewal. Would you like three people’s repetitive, time consuming work done at a fraction of the cost and a new project started as this team now has time to do it?

Gone are the days where people have to sit at a desk every day doing the same thing repeatedly. Free your teams to get back on the phone, increase customer and client’s engagement, start or complete new projects.

If you want more information, to see demos or explore processes please send me a mail and we’d be happy to help.

James Aitman