RPA Vendor License Management

RPA Licence Management Services

We will help you manage your RPA licences, no matter which vendor you’re working with, and ensure you pay the best price for licensing.

No matter the RPA software you’re using – UIPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism – we can help you manage your licensing solutions.
When you renew or manage your licences through JifJaff, we can help you identify the best solution for your business and also how many bots you may actually need. We also ensure you’re getting the right information about the licences you have, and we will negotiate on your behalf.
When you work with us, your licenses will always be up to date, you’ll get more from the licences you have, and at the best price.
Our industry expertise means we know exactly how licences work, and we work to make sure you get the best ROI for the licences you have.
RPA licence renewal and management doesn’t need to be complicated – work with us and we will ensure you have the correct licences and won’t get caught out by forgetting to renew, or renewing the wrong licences.
We work with any RPA licences, including:
  • Bots
  • Process mining
  • Task mining
  • Testing automation
  • Attended
  • Unattended
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