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RPA Services: Implementation, Building Internal Capability (RPA COE) and Support

JifJaff is a specialist in three areas of Intelligent Automation (RPA). 

We support clients at every potential stage of their automation journey.  

Intelligent automation (RPA) implementation

Some clients prefer us to do the development work and support it. We can help you identify suitable processes for automation, document, implement and support. With us implementing it ensures best practice, quality, and speed. JifJaff is independent, so you can pick from multiple automation vendors, meaning you can choose the right one for you.

We build your Intelligent automation (RPA) Centre of Excellence (COE)

Some clients want to learn how to do this themselves. They could be new to automation and have an internal resource available or have some processes already automated and want to take things to the next level. We deliver a specialist programme of work based on the Nine Pillars of Automation to build your internal capability quickly and RPA Centre of Excellence (COE). Implementing automation at scale is complex and must be delivered through a framework to ensure you see results. Developer training is not complicated; the challenge is integrating operational automation to support multiple departments successfully, and you need a COE to do this.

A combination of JifJaff implementing whilst building your RPA centre of excellence (COE)

Together we deliver a work programme within which you and our highly skilled team automate processes using best practice whilst simultaneously building your RPA centre of excellence (COE). This approach ensures internal frameworks, approach and developer capability is accelerated. In a short time, you will have processes automated; and fully functional internal ability to automate and support at scale through an RPA Centre of Excellence.

Integrating Intelligent Automation / RPA to deliver operational processes must be approached correctly. 

The JifJaff Implementation approach consists of clearly defined roles and responsibilities from standardised documentation, best practice build, appropriate testing and support. Our delivery approach ensures alignment across Business SME’s, Management Stakeholders and Project Team members, which is crucial for successful RPA delivery. In summary:

  • Alignment of stakeholders (scope, timelines, roles/responsibilities, process objectives and expectations) is paramount.
  • Key milestones are mandatory for successful RPA delivery. Business case validation, Workshops, Scoping Phase are adhered to through our Automated Process Design Templates, Build/Unit Testing, User Acceptance, Go-Live and Hyper care.
  • The correct approach protects all stakeholders, whereby BOT build follows agreed scope with clear communication channels and accountability.
  • Our methodology ensures reduced defects and avoidance of process re-design, which can often delay/jeopardise Go-live.

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