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RPA & Call Centre Environments


Using RPA (robotic process automation) to make teams more efficient, call centre environment. Great meeting and project to come. Does your company also have teams of people that must update multiple systems after each call/email? Just a thought…. Did you know this can be done by pressing a button in a matter of seconds? If you have 20 people spending 10 minutes after each call (200 minutes) updating systems and they take 20 calls a day (4000 minutes), your team is spending 66 hours a day doing admin. With most people working 6.5 hours a day in a normal 9 – 5 (this figure is minus lunch, coffee, breaks etc) that’s a huge amount of time to lose doing admin. Roughly works out to 10.2 full time employees… that’s half the team! The ROI for RPA in the right situation can be excellent with the positive effect on business very clear. In principle you now have 10 new members of staff to go and work in other areas from the same headcount. Message me for more info.

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