RPA Automation and Analytics


RPA automation and Analytics. Now that were deploying robots and seeing the benefit it’s also very important to make sure you know what they are doing. I don’t mean what processes as they are executing as this is defined, I mean what is their speed and accuracy. Often processes that look time consuming are not with others being the opposite. Your new scale-able digital workforce must be managed correctly to make sure you’re getting the most from your software robots. Perhaps you need more or less licences, are there expected spikes in volume that need catering for, can you use some capacity to free members of other teams to start or help with new projects? What I’m saying is when you have a new digital automated workforce at your fingertips we must make sure to not forget about it and leave the bots running in the background. You should treat them as we do any other business resource and make sure your ROI is maximised. As a specialist RPA implementation consultancy, JifJaff advise on this and many other aspects of automation, from identification of processes and implementation to analytics and support. Picking the right software robot to use is as important as choosing the right processes to automate. If you would like any further information please message me. hashtagrobot hashtagRPA