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RPA & AI Data Migration and Cleansing

RPA can cut data migration time by 50%, and associated costs by 40%, all with 100% extraction and processing accuracy

When the data migration is the easy part, what blue-sky thinking will you consider for your organisation?

Most organisations have no idea how much value is lying dormant in their untapped data, or how to leverage this data to see business growth. Even a seemingly simple task of transferring stored data to another location can open up untold risk and error.

RPA provides straight-through processing in terms of data extraction, mapping, enrichment, and automation of the business data entry process, without the need for APIs, and without causing gaps in compliance or governance.

Data Extraction – Extract data from multiple applications, including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and legacy systems, all without any impact on business operations. Glean data from varied formats including application data, spreadsheets or table format. Rule-based migration means that there are no mistakes and no blind spots, and that the process has inherent repeatability for future data migration projects. Allow data migration to run 24 hours a day at 5-10x faster speeds than human staff, and meet your data targets in a fraction of the time.

Data Cleansing – Migrating the data is just stage one. RPA supports intelligent automation, including data matching and de-duplication so that you have no unnecessary storage costs, allowing you to find the information you need at the click of a button. AI-based cleansing and standardisation aggregates all data in a consistent way, augmenting the process with smart features such as address verifications and data reconciliation. Throughout, your organisation remains effortlessly compliant, with detailed archives and no access to underlying systems or databases via APIs making the process inherently low risk.

Complex Data Requirements – Working across multi-tier environments such as Sandbox, Test, QA, Pre-Production and Production? RPA can handle these challenges far easier than people can, with straight through processing of extraction, mapping, enrichment and automation of the entire business data entry process. Data migration tends to be a time-sensitive process, which is another benefit to using RPA. It’s effortlessly scalable, and easy to clone as many times as necessary until you have the always-on task force you need to complete the job at hand.


Data is the future, and RPA is the key to unlocking its value
  • Looking for new ways to collect and store customer evidence, such as social proof or testimonials?
  • Managing a data project that spans structured, semi-structured and unstructured information?
  • Want to automate the way that new information is added to any system of record?

Whatever your data project, RPA is the tool you need to complete it faster, more accurately, and with true operational resilience. Human effort and manual data handling cannot come close. Schedule a call with one of our data migration experts now.