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We hosted a webinar on the 20th of January 2023 where we discussed automation in primary care, and how it can free you time and lower costs. The webinar was hosted by James Aitman, co-founder of JifJaff and former CEO of GlobalMediRec, and Sanjeev Talwar, co-founder of JifJaff and former FTSE100 Transformation Consultant.

During the 60-minute event, the team discussed:

  • Who is Automation Anywhere and JifJaff
  • What is process automation?
  • How Primary care networks and practices can relieve administrative burden with automation
  • Real life examples of Primary care automation including Call & Recall, Patient Registration, and Appointment Scheduling, with videos of automation in practice today
  • How to share your automation savings – from one practice through to a PCN and ICB
  • An interactive Q&A where questions were posed to colleagues that have already started their journey

We hope everyone who participated has a clearer understanding of how automation can support the future of primary care services, and how organisations are creating a predictable way to get started that can be replicated.

In Case You Missed it

Don’t worry! If you weren’t able to attend on the 20th of January. You can watch the webinar here.

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