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Industry - Retail
  • Well-known large ecommerce retailer, supplying customers and businesses of varying sizes globally wanted quick effective results for online business growth.
Business Case
  • A cost effective solution which enabled customer care representatives to access vital customer data that was stored in various different back end systems.
  • Reduce administrative time spent with client to increase ability to upsell and scope for more business
  • RPA installed to automatically transfer caller information across multiple systems.
  • Pulling together of customer information from various back end systems eradicating the need for searching through multiple screens and entering the same data repeatedly.
ROI Outcomes
  • Reduced call handling times by 60 seconds per call.
  • Average 5min call this improves productively by approximate 20% and thereby able to receive an additional 2-3 calls per hour and 15-20 calls per day.
  • Increased time allocation per call for upselling.