CASE STUDIES - Recruitment

Industry - Recruitment
  • Well-known large Finance & Banking recruitment company with Sales turnover of over £180 million with candidate database over 30 million records.
Business Case
  • Highly regulated industry resulting in labour intensive processes to validate candidate references across multiple applications.
  • Reduce time spent validating candidate availability and changes in work  history.  Require automation for capturing changes to candidates history.
  • RPA used to extract specific reference candidate information across multiple applications and saved into a database.
  • RPA used to automate and capture all outbound emails to candidates with regards to changes in work history and availability.
ROI Outcomes
  • RPA solution reduced the Recruitment Consultants manual tasks by up to 20%.
  • Removal of manual tasks allowed Recruitment Consultants to be deployed to revenue generation areas of the business.
  • RPA provides clear audit trail for all changes to candidate history (GDPR).