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CASE STUDIES - Recruitment & GDPR

Industry - Recruitment
  • Well-known large recruitment company with Sales turnover of over £50 million with candidate database over 10million records.
Business Case
  • A cost effective solution to enable the back office team to identify and access candidate records across multiple systems.
  • Reduce administrative time and cost for the compliance of the 8 rights of GDPR.
  • RPA used to identify candidate records (and all elements of personal information).
  • RPA used to remove duplication of records/personal information.
  • RPA front end developed to allow back office team to comply with 8 rights of GDPR/ad hoc requests.
ROI Outcomes
  • RPA solution for GDPR compliance removes threat of 20million or 4% of turnover fine.
  • Headcount savings – anticipated 3-5 FTE saving (at 35K per annum) to cope with the additional administrative GDPR burden.
  • RPA provides clear audit trail for GDPR compliance.