CASE STUDIES - Insurance

Industry - Insurance
  • RPA simplifies Insurance processes for a leading developer of solutions within the Insurance Industry.
Business Case
  • Looking to improve agent processing time – Annually the client processed 830,000 policy requests manually.  The agent would receive requests for various financial requests within a PDF format which would have to be checked and entered  manually across multiple systems.
  • RPA used to reduce the tedium and effort involved in dealing with the quantum of data.
  • Changes to workflow & validation
  • Inserting & deleting data of customers for any policy.
  • Auto updating multiple applications
  • Generating the required letters and notifications.
ROI Outcomes
  • Enormous processing load for financial requests split across multiple Bots.
  • Through RPA there has been a 58% reduction in total manual effort involved, with a 50% reduction in Headcount.
  • 70% reduction in average processing time.