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Human Resourcing (HR & Recruitment)

22% of the highest-performing HR teams have implemented RPA, compared with just 6% of the lowest-performing teams.

Imagine that your existing systems and processes could be running at ultimate operational efficiency through intelligent software automation. What comes next for your HR team?

HR professionals have to shoulder a disproportionately large amount of accountability for operational resilience and efficiency within an organisation. RPA can support recruitment and retention, processing accuracy and both internal and external governance

As wide as the tasks that come under the Human Resources remit, are the use cases this arm of a company could have for RPA. Our customers benefit from consistent, sustainable efficiency and growth, with the ability to align their RPA strategy to exactly where they want to see true growth.  

Employee Management and Onboarding – Take the manual effort out of employment eligibility checks and screening candidates, as well as securely managing employee master data or handling the complicated onboarding process when a new hire starts at the organisation. Create a consistent workflow and process for all employees, from new joins, to those moving roles or for employees leaving the firm, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. Automate employee experience and training, leveling the playing field for all employees to access mentorship and support. 

Recruitment – Recruitment and retention has become a competitive advantage, with businesses struggling to acquire and retain the top talent. RPA adds limitless capacity to scouring for and sourcing the best candidates. On arrival of applications, software robots can sort through CVs and use customised rules to select the best candidates for interview. As an added benefit, when companies use RPA, their employees engage in less repetitive or mundane tasks -improving retention and employee satisfaction, and allowing HR leaders to focus on the personal touch.

Compliance and Finance – One consistent way of automating processes means zero human error to trip up compliance initiatives. Software robots can be programmed to keep to regulations such as GDPR, and in case of a compliance audit, you always have an automatic audit trail to hand. RPA can also handle anything from simple contract creation through to complex contractual tasks such as TUPE in case of a merger or acquisition, or software licence management. For finance teams, previous frustrations such as expense tracking or payroll management move from being a monthly headache to just something else going on in the background. 


Now think bigger. What would need to happen for your HR team to meet their business goals?
  • More visibility and control into employee behavior? 
  • Top-quality candidates delivered for interview? 
  • A learning and development program that mentors your existing staff?
  • Freeing the team up to communicate with employees again, rather than get lost in administration?

This is more than just a bucket list, they are all attainable with no disruption to your existing systems. Get in touch today to schedule a call with one of our Human Resources and Recruitment experts.