How Does Automated Normal Pathology Filing Support Primary Care?

How Automated Normal Pathology Filing Supports Primary Care | JifJaff

Did you know there are over 300 million Primary Care visits every year in the UK? 

As the first point of contact for healthcare needs, there is a shortage of General Practitioners relative to the UK population. This imbalance has undeniably put primary care overloaded with patients and work.

This creates a need for a solution that decreases workload, saves time and cost, and does not compromise the quality of patient care provided by dedicated General Practitioners like you.  

Using Automation (RPA) products to support you in managing normal pathology tests, like MyBotGP, has been a game changer in terms of saving you time in reviewing Pathology tests, which includes reading, filtering, filing, and messaging patient’s normal blood reports, and interacting with patients. It allows you to focus on new patients and more critical tasks. 

In today’s blog, we will discuss how MyBotGP supports primary care in automating normal pathology filing workflows, reducing costs, saving time, enhancing accuracy, and improving patient care. 

MyBotGP (RPA): Normal Pathology Filing 

MyBotGP Normal Pathology filling is an automated product for general practitioners to automate pathology report filing and reviewing, thus saving time, reducing costs, enhancing accuracy, and improving patient care. It also gives you time back to focus on more complex requirements and new patients. It acts as your personal assistant, filling normal blood tests based on your rules in the background and leaving with the test results you want to review. 

Why MyBotGP? 

The overload of primary care consultations leaves General Practitioners with less time for critical tasks and new patients. While it is essential to go through every pathology report to provide excellent patient care, does this need to be done manually when you can have an automated system to do this for you? Checking all pathology reports using your bespoke rules, leaving only abnormal blood reports for further review. It is not just an automation product but has a dedicated team working behind it to continuously provide better solutions and support to you so that we can work together towards enhancing patient care.  

What Can MyBotGP Do? 

Here’s how MyBotGP works and streamline normal pathology filing workflows: 

  • Seamless Integration: MyBotGP easily integrates with the platforms already in your practice (EMIS (EmisWeb) and SystmOne TPP) to automate processes.
  • Automated Workflow: MyBotGP (RPA) allows automating the filing of normal test reports just like a human. It works as your assistant, running in the background without disturbing you, reviewing, filtering and filing normal blood reports. Not touching the abnormals means they are left for you to take action.
  • Allow Customisation: We understand that in Primary Care you all work differently, with its unique combination of demographics, lab results formats, and personal preferences. That is why we made MyBotGP customisable and have given you the freedom to define your own normal blood filing rules based on the following:

    • Min-Max Range: You can set minimum and maximum ranges for blood parameters. MyBotGP will check if the blood report is within the range and file it if it is normal, leaving reports outside the range for you to review.
    • Keyword Checks: MyBotGP allows for the checking of specific keywords within the blood report and takes the right action based on predefined rules.
    • Patient History: The system allows you to leverage patient history data to process the normal pathology filing and make decisions based on that.
    • Gender: It allows flexibility in setting different blood parameters for males and females.
    • Previous Test Results: You can configure the system to refer to past blood reports and consider the time interval between tests to make normal blood filing decisions.
    • Age Checks: MyBotGp allows checking patient age and defines age-specific filing rules.
  • Is Scalable: MyBotGP provides a highly scalable solution to normal pathology filing. It is designed to seamlessly adapt to the needs of practice, PCNs (Primary Care Networks), federations, and ICBs.
  • Enhance Accuracy: MyBotGP eliminates the possibility of errors that come with manual work, thus improving patient care. The system ensures that the reports are filed consistently and accurately, no matter the volume of reports it receives.
  • Patient Communication: MyBotGP allows you to send personalised messages to patients with normal reports automatically.
  • Ongoing Support: Our dedicated team offers assistance and support every step of the way to ensure you deliver exceptional patient care.

Supporting GPs Every Step of the Way 

Our primary goal at MyBotGP is to support General Practitioners in streamlining their workflows, minimising manual interventions with high accuracy, and focusing on what truly matters. We are grateful for your dedication to providing high-quality care to your patients. We are here to support you every step on your journey toward practice optimisation and improved patient care.  

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