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Do you need to automate everything in healthcare to see the benefits?

Software programmes were invented to help free up our time, enabling us to be more efficient and take on new tasks that we wouldn’t have the time to do otherwise. The unfortunate reality, however, is that we have become slaves to using Computer software. The logic behind using a software robot is to free up resources from people who could be spending that time elsewhere. However, if you’re using computer software daily, and following a basic set of rules by using EMIS or SystmOne,  then an apportion of your day’s work has to be allocated to using computer software.

Using RPA to manage EMIS and SystmOne

For many in the healthcare sector, a large portion of what they now do is look at things in EMIS or SystmOne and follow standardised rules. It’s work that can quickly be done by RPA (Software robots). We can teach RPA bots what to do – using a mouse/keyboard to click here, there, open this or that and follow the rules – which removes the burden of time-consuming, repetitive work from already overloaded workers. Using RPA bots will give you back the time that software was meant to free us from.

Automation doesn’t change our job deliverables – it picks up the slack

Software automation is not a tool that will redefine our work’s deliverables, i.e. onboarding new patients, filing bloods, and CQC admin; these things are here to stay. The goal of RPA is to allow you to spend less time doing these things because something quicker, more efficient and cheaper can do it for you. This leaves you the time to do other, more rewarding tasks, like speaking to patients, studying, brainstorming & communicating with colleagues. That’s the win, and it can be huge.

RPA can take over 60% of your clinical and administrative tasks

Imagine 60% of all clinical and administrative tasks across your practice, PCN, and federation running seamlessly in the background with minimal support, freeing up time that was previously spent managing these tasks. What will you do with the time!? The possibilities are endless. 

Getting started with automation 

If you would like to understand more about how you can get started with automation, contact, and be sure to join our LinkedIn group and follow our page.