How do companies choose which business processes to automate?

Automation, RPA, IA – all flavours work; the software is reliable, secure, and mature. You can automate pretty much anything and forget about it. Imagine business processes running themselves with minimal input from the team in every part of your business. RPA / IA will support Finance, IT, Procurement, Legal, Contact Centre, Supply Chain, Sales, Recruitment & HR.

Automation is used to replicate the work we do so our people do not have to do it anymore. Or support the teams to do more work by removing things that can be automated—predictable, predefined workflows, both long and short.

But how do you choose which processes to automate? Good question, and the answers are unique to the team you want to support or replace.

business processes

Criteria for choosing which business process to automate

  • Repetitive and time-consuming.
  • Cheaper to use automation over people.
  • Error-Prone.
  • Highly Secure.
  • Limited skills or knowledge, so heavily reliant on key people who may leave of becoming sick.
  • Adds scalability, the power to scale up or down as required in real-time.
  • Free staff to work on other projects or adjust focus.
  • Avoid the necessity to replace infrastructure.
  • Budgetary cuts.


Why automating the right processes is essential.

Licensing, infrastructure, development, and time spent with teams to take requirement then train cost money. There are huge gains to be made by automating processes, but if you pick the wrong ones, get them wrong, do not deliver on time, misrepresent, or get them wrong, there are huge losses.

Not only will there be a wasted expense, but the business also will not receive the benefits that automation can provide. Reputations are hard to rebuild.

Delivering through a standardised framework – an RPA COE

We are better at something when taught how to do it. Integrating automation is complex and must be treated with respect. Using the Nine Pillars of automation and working through the Nine Pillars of Automation framework means you will pick the right processes, build them properly, on time, support them correctly and help the business become slicker and more efficient.


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