Automation Business Case

We’ve compiled information that will assist in developing your business case. Consideration must be given to each product workflow, be it cost-saving, timesaving, increased robustness, quicker processing, freeing staff for other tasks, or removing errors. If the focus is purely financial, the cost of time (clinical and/or administrative) allocated to running the workflow must be factored in, along with the additional tasks that can be performed if time is saved.


  • Responsibility: Identify who oversees completing each task.
  • Time Consumption: Calculate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly time spent.
  • Costing: Determine actual cost, including salary plus 30% National Insurance/Uplift.
  • Alternative Tasks: Consider what else could be done if these tasks were minimised.
  • Recruitment Challenges: Evaluate the challenges in staffing & training.

Additional Information:

1. Saving Clinical:

  • Rapid Diagnostics: Diminishes time for routine diagnosis, allowing GPs to focus on complex cases.
  • Streamlined System Management: Enhances patient records, results, and processes, managing patients more efficiently.

 2. Saving Administrative:

  • Automation: Supports efficiency in handling large work volumes.
  • Compliance & Standardisation: Aids NHS and regulatory compliance, streamlining tasks.

3. Lowering Costs for Practices, PCN, Federations & ICS

  • Reduction in Costs: Automation frees staff for skilled tasks, resulting in significant savings.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Optimises resources, cutting costs and enabling a greater workload without additional staffing.

4. Removing Errors:

  • Data Accuracy: Boosts patient information accuracy, reducing errors.
  • Standardised Processes: Ensures consistency, minimising mistakes.

5. Improving Patient Care:

  • Free Time for Clinicians: Facilitates tailored care, enhancing patient outcomes.
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: Improves scheduling and follow-ups, elevating patient satisfaction.
  • See more patients: Freed time from administration.