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Are you researching the benefits of software robots (RPA)?

Are you researching the benefits of using software robots (RPA) to help improve efficiency, reduce running costs?

We can help you get your projects up and running faster and see cost savings / ROI sooner rather than later.

Let us help you scope the processes you have in mind for RPA. It’s best to use a specialist consultancy so time isn’t wasted. We live and breatheRPA” so can quickly identify ideal processes that may be missed and make you aware of ones to be avoided.

Use JifJaff to map your business and identify areas for automation.

Identify which manual tasks to automate

Evaluate and select the right RPA vendor

JifJaff will implement and maintain/support

We are a specialist RPA software consultancy. We work with companies to identify and implement software that will be using RPA. Once the bots are implemented they run 24/7 – 365 with a zero-error rate and can produce up to five times more than a human.

RPA (robotic process automation) will make you more efficient, reduce overheads and allow staff to produce more in other areas of the company. Automating repetitive tasks means people are longer forced to perform these anymore. Using RPA (robotic process automation) software will drastically reduce the reliance on employing people to do volume based repetitive tasks. Once the bots (software) is implemented they run 24/7 – 365 with a zero-error rate and can produce up to three times more than a human.

It’s almost like the new middleware with the ability to easily access and connect multiple systems at ease with a human workforce (that aren’t human) attached. There’s no need for heavy programming, nor lots of administrative people and an IT team to manage repetitive time-consuming tasks. RPA accesses everything through the desktop as you or I would so can read the internet, use passwords, make calculations, create/amend spreadsheets, make payments, read emails / PDF’s etc, manipulate data, trigger responses and communicate with other digital systems as you please.

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