Alleviating Stress in Clinicians with MyBotGP Normal Pathology Filing Automation

In the demanding realm of Primary Care, where clinicians are constantly under stress due to busy practices and the perpetual pursuit of enhancing patient services, efficiency and accuracy are more crucial than ever. MyBotGP Normal Pathology filing introduces a groundbreaking automation solution, enabling Primary Care practices to manage normal blood test reviews, filings, and patient communications more effectively. Equipped with DCB0129 certification and DTAC/DPIA, this tool is revolutionising how we approach our work in healthcare by removing tasks safely and reducing workload.

Typically, clinicians manually check and file normal pathology tests, which demands meticulous attention and time and must adapt to varying laboratory report formats. This manual method is not only time-intensive, consuming precious hours of clinician’s time, but it’s also error-prone, posing a significant challenge in a high-pressure, overworked healthcare setting.

Introducing MyBotGP:

MyBotGP Normal Pathology review and action is a meticulous assistant to clinicians, automating the review of reports with user-defined parameters and criteria. What distinguishes MyBotGP is its simplicity in installation and configuration – it requires merely five minutes to download and an hour to configure, making it quickly operational in a busy practice.

Customisation for Clinician Preferences:

MyBotGP is designed with flexibility at its core. Clinicians can set specific tolerances for each blood test, including additional checks for percentage changes from previous tests and adaptability for different laboratory report formats. This level of customisation ensures that MyBotGP seamlessly aligns with the unique methodologies of each clinician, aiding in their quest to improve patient services.

Accessibility and Individual Practice Autonomy:

MyBotGP extends beyond single practices, accessible to rules, PCNs/Federations, or ICBs, while still allowing each entity to maintain control over its specific MyBotGP settings and action filtering parameters to define normal or abnormal.

This feature lets practices autonomously define normal or abnormal test results, reflecting their commitment to personalised patient care.

Enhancing Communication and Clinician Time Management:

A key feature of MyBotGP is its efficient communication capability. When no further action is required post-test, MyBotGP can directly message patients, significantly saving time and boosting practice efficiency, allowing clinicians to focus more on direct patient care.

The MyBotGP Normal Pathology filing system represents a paradigm shift in primary care workload management, streamlining blood test management. Its fusion of efficiency, customisation, and ease of use makes it an indispensable tool in modern healthcare, helping practices transition towards a more efficient, patient-focused future.

Transform your practice’s approach to healthcare management with MyBotGP Normal Pathology. Contact us to take a step towards reducing clinician stress and improving patient services!