AI or Automation: Decoding the Difference for the NHS and Healthcare


Make sure you know what you are using.

Despite the monumental differences in what their capability is designed for, people often believe they are the same. In this blog, we are going to help you build awareness.

They are different, and you should understand what each one does. Both have perceived strengths and weaknesses, and we hope our most recent blog helps you understand these and see how you can best use either technology.

With the advancement of technology and integration of Automation and AI, they will no doubt add tremendous value to the NHS and healthcare. However, it’s crucial to understand the distinct differences between these technologies, as they operate differently and often require adherence to different regulations and compliances for successful integration into practice.

Automation products imitate human activities and automate manual tasks, increasing efficiency, accuracy and productivity. AI, on the other hand, imitates human intelligence with the ability to learn, process, and make decisions on its own.

What is Automation, RPA?

Automation, or RPA, is a technology that uses a computer in the same way a person does, and you tell it exactly what to do. You can teach it to copy your approach to certain tasks, i.e., pathology filing, filing, coding, and registrations. Think of it as someone you have asked to cover your work, and you left them with an instruction manual.

Application of Automation in Healthcare 

Our company, JifJaff (MyBotGP), has taken advantage of this and pre-built the filtering logic into our products so they sit in the background, working 24/7 – 365, chopping away at your work. No sick days, holidays or mistakes. Additional benefits are that you will have free time, reduced salary allocation time for specific roles and speed.  

Normal Pathology Filing- MyBotGP Normal Pathology Filing automates the filing of all the normal pathology reports. MyBotGP will read every report and filter based on your rules (ranges, keywords, previous test comparison, age, gender) to ensure you can quickly see the pathology tests you want. 

EMIS Docman Filing-MyBotGP will read all incoming documents. It will apply your rules for validating, populating the template, and filing, freeing up masses of time from your coding team.  

Patient Registration—MyBotGP is a cutting-edge automation solution for patient registration into EMIS or SystmOne TPP. Linked to the NHS website, it will pick up all applications and register them at a practice by itself. Freeing time at the practice and supporting a slicker registration process for patients.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is a branch of technology that imitates human intelligence when performing any task. AI software can learn by itself and will grow in capability.  

Some examples of AI in Healthcare  

  • Diagnostics- scanning systems can analyse medical images such as X-rays to detect fractures. 
  • Predictive Analytics-Artificial Intelligence systems can analyse historical data and predict patient outcomes based on that.   
  • Clinical Support- AI systems can support healthcare professionals in making clinical decisions      

Automation (RPA) vs AI 

Here are the key differences between Automation and AI: 


Automation (RPA)  

Artificial Intelligence 

Will only do what you tell it to. 

Think on its own and make decisions. 

Automation is based on predefined rules   

The basis of operation for AI is self-learning and adaptive algorithms. 

Easy to set up and implement with existing systems.  

Needs masses of data to learn from and thorough testing to validate the decision-making capability

Safe in terms of it only does what you tell it to

Capable of making better decisions by itself

Final Words

In conclusion, as technology like AI and Automation (RPA) becomes more common in healthcare, it’s crucial to recognise how they differ. Both offer benefits for making things run smoother in the NHS and healthcare, but knowing what each does best is key to using them well.

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