A Win for JifJaff Team at K2 – UiPath Hackathon!


A Win for JifJaff Team at K2 – UiPath Hackathon!!!!

On May 15th, 2019, the JifJaff RPA Development Team participated in a joint “K2 – UiPath Hackathon” hosted at K2’s EMEA headquarters in Weybridge, UK.  The hackathon was invite only for certified K2 / UiPath partners.


The purpose of the Hackathon was an educational “fun” experience to bring together expertise from both K2 & UiPath implementation partners to combine and unleash the true power of both technologies through their seamless integration.  The 1-day event challenged our much loved “techies” into developing workflow solutions combining K2 and UiPath’s Robotic Process Automation platform centred around a business case ‘Couch to Credit’.

The business scenario was centred around a customer applying for a credit card and infinitely improving the straight-through application journey.  Considering a credit application process is often rules and data validation centric, through integrating both platforms, application approvals and customer response times are accelerated whilst also showcasing a reduction in human touch points.

Business Scenario: Couch to Credit

A customer wants to apply for a new credit card with one of the top 5 UK banks.

They want to be able to be able to do this from the comfort of their couch while watching Ozark and eating Dominos. Although the bank currently allows customers to apply online, the credit decision can take up to 2 days and the final acceptance up to 14. This is due to a host of manual Know Your Customer (KYC) checks performed by bank staff. We want to improve the customer journey by reducing the lending decision and KYC process time while providing a great experience for those customers applying for products.

The output of the Hackathon required the JifJaff Team presenting a live demo of our workflow and automation solution.  Our team had access to pre-built integrations and components to support the business case build.

Congratulations to the JifJaff RPA Development Team – The Winning Solution!

The prize was awarded to the most creative and most innovative solution taking into account alignment to the scenario, technical implementation and most importantly – user experience. Members of the judging panel included K2 and UiPath team members.  In summary, the JifJaff team built an integrated UiPath & K2 workflow automating address verification (validating against the UK Electoral website) and driving license validation.

 JifJaff CTO, Sanjeev Talwar “I was immensely proud to hear of our team’s achievement at the K2-UiPath Hackathon, demonstrating our unrivalled RPA technical expertise in providing Automation solutions for our clients.  RPA, like many technologies, cannot exist on its own. To provide its ultimate value to organisations, it requires integration.  The Hackathon demonstrated the perfect showcase collaboration of both software platforms providing immeasurable technical insight. As more enterprises adopt RPA, we’ll see a huge demand for building more integrations to exchange data between RPA and software applications”.

K2 Channel Manager, Lynette York “K2, together with UiPath, is a powerful technology combination which was demonstrated by all of our hackathon contestants at the K2 and UiPath Hackathon. All of the submissions showcased both technologies working together in new and innovative ways. Ultimately, the winning solution did not just meet the brief, it exceeded all expectations. We would like to congratulate team JifJaff on their well-deserved victory.”