RPA/AI Implementation Team

Do you need help scoping or implementation of your RPA / AI solution?

JifJaff provides scoping and implementation services to Partners and Corporate Clients who simply require support in their RPA/AI delivery and maintenance solution. Perhaps you have licences and are waiting for resources to become available or maybe, want to keep skills in-house and develop your own RPA-COE team (COE- Centre of Excellence).

We can help.

A RPA / AI software solution is only as effective as it is configured to be. 

The JifJaff Implementation team consist of clearly defined roles and responsibilities for implementing and managing automation solutions as quickly, and efficiently as possible throughout the enterprise. Our delivery approach ensures alignment across Business SME’s, Management Stakeholders and Project Team members which is crucial for successful RPA delivery.  In summary:

  • All stakeholders are aligned on scope, timelines, roles/responsibilities, process objectives and expectations.
  • Our RPA implementation strategy involves key milestones mandatory for successful RPA delivery; RPA Workshop, Scoping Phase through our Automated Process Design Templates, Build/Unit Testing, User Acceptance, Go-Live and Hypercare.
  • Approach protects all stakeholders whereby BOT build is based on an agreed scope with clear communication channels and accountability.
  • A proven structured approach results in reduced defects and avoidance of process re-design which can often delay / jeopardise Go-live.


JifJaff believe a Centre of Excellence (COE) is the long term strategic approach to ensure RPA is embedded into the organisation, and automation ingrained into the culture of the organisation.  This will allow an organisation to redistribute process automation knowledge and resources across future deployments.  Jifjaff can help implement a COE strategy which is scalable and aligned with the clients Automated Roadmap Strategy.

Support & Change Request Services

JifJaff internal Support Team consist of RPA Process Analysts, RPA Developers, RPA Architects and RPA Project Managers.  With our in-house capabilities, JifJaff is able to facilitate ad-hoc support, change requests and general technical and functional support for your business and/or COE teams.